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Welcome to Crisalida, it’s lovely to have you here.

My name is Paula Branch and I am the founder of Crisalida.

I first discovered reflexology in 1999. I was pregnant with my daughter and was extremely anxious about going through the process of giving birth. I had heard so many scary stories about how painful it could be, that I started to develop a phobia. I researched and came across reflexology and found studies that actually proved that not only could it really relax you but also get your body ready for the big day. So I booked the prescribed 10 sessions and although still painful, the birth itself lasted for approximately 6 hours. When my daughter was 6 months, I decided to train as a reflexologist knowing first hand how beneficial it’s effect, mentally and physically, can be in pregnancy and childbirth.

In 1999, I gained a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and a year later, I completed a diploma in Reflexology. I completed a Reiki healing course in 2000 and after completing this training I knew that my life’s work and purpose was to offer some form of body work, whether it be through energy medicine, therapeutic touch or manipulation of the body.

I attended my first well-being fair in 2002, offering reflexology and whilst there, I had the opportunity to receive seated acupressure/onsite massage, I knew within 5 mins of receiving the massage that this was the type of massage I wanted to train in and offer clients as it was incredibly effective, required no undressing and because of this it could be practised anywhere!

On qualifying as an onsite massage practitioner, I worked with a number of different agencies honing my skills.

Over the years I gained further skills and training in a number of different body work/healing modalities such as Indian Head Massage, Metamorphic technique, reconective healing & Hawaiian style massage.

In 2018 Crisalida was born and I decided it was time to become independent and form my own company - offering a mobile therapy service, where I could take the therapies to clients homes, office environments and into the community where I worked with a number of different organisations including Age UK & Mind.

Recently, I have decided to fulfil a life long dream of training as a aromatherapist and I completed the diploma course for this area in July 2020.

I have now used my aromatherapy knowledge to create a range of body oils, all 100% natural blends. They are designed to restore calm and balance to the mind, while leaving your skin nourished and supporting your immune system.